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For Commemorating Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you have to face in life.  The healing process takes time and you never truly get over the loss, however you learn how to cope with it.  Though the void may never be filled when the anniversary of that loved ones loss comes around you shouldn’t get too down in spirits.  There are several one year anniversary ideas to commemorate the loss of a loved one with sheer happiness and reflection. Let’s discuss a few ways you can commemorate the anniversary of someone you lost.

Most people tend to dread the one year anniversary of losing someone that is close to them so they either try to run from it or go through the day totally somber.  Instead of allowing yourself to go into that sad array of emotions, why not appreciate the time you had with that loved one?  Spend the day reflecting on all the days you spent together laughing and joking until you couldn’t take it anymore!  Go through that old box of pictures or yearbooks that make you cringe while wondering, “What in the heck were we thinking when we got dressed that day?”  Trade in those tears for laughter as you go back into to time and reminisce on the better days.  I’m sure your loved one would rather you remember them with a smile as opposed to tears.  Who are you to not honor that?

One the day of your loved one’s anniversary take a drive around to all the places you frequented together.  Go to the park and roam around for a little while.  Visit the restaurant you used to eat at and pig out on whatever it was that you guys used to order.  Whatever it used to be that you both enjoyed doing together allow yourself to completely indulge in it and have fun while doing it!  Once again, use this as a time to reflect on those good, precious moments that you will always cherish.

Another way to commemorate the 0ne year anniversary of a lost loved one is to be around their family.  Spend time with those who have the same love and bond that you had with that person.  This is one common thread that all of you have and it makes the process a lot easier when you have someone who understands the impact of your loss.  Sitting around and talking with the family is a great way to stroll down memory lane and conjure up some good laughs.

As we’ve discussed, losing someone is never easy to go through.  Anniversaries of that loss can be tough but they don’t have to be –it’s all in what you choose to focus on.  When you lose someone you love keeping their memory alive is the best thing you can do!  It’s completely healthy for you as you keep upbeat and remember why it is that you loved that person so much.  Keep in mind that you were so fortunate to have had that person in your life and you should cherish their memory and the times well spent for the rest of your life!

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